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They're your Glass Half Full type of fanboys who aim to always look on the Upside! Even when they dabble in the Dark Side, they pride themselves on staying in the light. But mostly...they just talk about geeky stuff they love. Movies, Comics, Games, TV and a bunch of stuff that's not Football, its all here! They also host a segment called "The Fandom Menace," where they take a not so loved property (mostly movies) and find the good in them. As you can imagine...some weeks are harder than others. It's a weekly "geekly" conversation galore that they hope you get a kick out of!
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Jul 24, 2017

Will and Rob have gone bananas for the rebooted Apes Franchise and Matt Reeves is here to deliver the final chapter in Caesar's Trilogy. Who wins the war? Is the third time even more of a charm? Are Apes destined to replace humanity...or performance capture?! 

How Great Is: “War for the Planet of the Apes"!?



00:00:45 - Intro

00:06:00 - Apes Reboot Series Retrospective

00:15:00 - Overall Thoughts (Non-Spoilers)

00:23:30 - ACTUAL REVIEW (Spoilers Beware!)

01:15:40 - What's Next for Apes?

01:24:30 - Blue Ray or Nay? (Final Thoughts)


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Jul 17, 2017

Will and Rob talk about wearing jeans at the beach, club etiquette (gay bar or otherwise), jinx the Batman movie, and talk news coming out of D23.

This Week’s Fandom Menace: Star Wars Aftermath Book Trilogy



00:00:10 - Will's Wacky Personal Life

00:09:30 - Will watches more TV

00:15:00 - "Question Reality" Trope

00:18:55 - Batman Movie News (fingers crossed)

00:24:00 - D23 Convention (Convo Attempt #1)

00:30:00 - PHONE CALL!

00:48:00 - D23: The Incr2dibles

00:51:40 - D23: The Last Jedi Sizzle

01:00:10 - D23: Avengers Infinity War Panel

01:07:40 - Fandom Menace


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Jul 14, 2017

Will and Rob turn the clock back to High School years to celebrate everyone's favorite Web-Head and his John Hughes fueled super heroics. Does the 6th Spidey Movie (and 2nd Reboot) deliver? Does Marvel make a Vulture Man work? Did Sony F#$& it up at all?

How Great Is: “Spider-Man: Homecoming"!?



00:00:30 - Intro

00:04:30 - Overall Thoughts (Non-Spoilers)

00:15:30 - ACTUAL REVIEW (Spoilers Beware!)

01:25:30 - What's Next for Spidey?

01:28:00 - Blue Ray or Nay? (Final Thoughts)


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Jul 10, 2017

Will and Rob catch up on some TV Talk, dive into the filmography of Edgar Wright, and play 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon to find a Fandom Menace. They also invent Sex Bop-It!

This Week’s Fandom Menace: Drag Me to Hell (2009)



00:01:30 - NEW STUFF!

00:03:30 - Joan Lee Passes Away

00:07:00 - Rick & Morty Season 3 Trailer

00:12:45 - Will Catches up with The Flash (Season 3)

00:24:00 - Black Mirror Talk

00:30:00 - Edgar Wright!

00:55:30 - Baby Driver (Spoilers)

01:07:30 - Fandom Menace


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Jul 3, 2017

Will & Rob get sucked into the worlds of Roald Dahl and Tim Burton, reenact the adventures of the Transformers & Deep Wang, and celebrate Homecoming by talking everything Spider-Man!

This Week’s Fandom Menace: Spider-Man 3 (2007)



00:01:30 - Charlie & the Chocolate Factory Fascinates Us 

00:07:00 - Edward Scissorhands Fascinates Will

00:11:00 - Will Describes the Average 10 Min of Transformers

00:22:00 - Spider-Man!

01:03:30 - Fandom Menace


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Jun 26, 2017

Will & Rob interrupt their own show to talk the sudden Han Solo turmoil, delve into old Wonder Woman scripts and, just in time for everyones favorite Robots in Disguise, discuss the Transformers Franchise.

This Week’s Fandom Menace: Transformers (2007)



00:03:45 - Han Solo Director News 

00:17:00 - Joss Whedon's Wonder Woman Script

00:25:00 - Rob's Online Troubles

00:29:00 - Steven Spielberg's lack of Diversity

00:35:30 - The Transformers Franchise

00:57:20 - Fandom Menace


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Jun 19, 2017

Will is officially back, Rob hates Birthday Cakes for some reason, and there is a lot of random news to catch up on. Tune in as the Upside Fans reunite.

This Week’s Fandom Menace: Clown (2014) & Alice Sweet Alice (1976)



00:00:10 - Will is Officially Back! 

00:07:10 - Rob's Issues

00:18:30 - Mark Hamill's thoughts on Old Luke

00:27:00 - Valerian!?

00:31:00 - Kingsman 2

00:34:00 - Cloak & Dagger aka Blanket Body & Light Girl

00:35:15 - New Hellboy!?

00:37:45 - Black Panther Poster & Trailer

00:42:30 - Post Infinity War Marvel Plans

00:47:00 - Justice League News

00:50:00 - Patty Jenkins not signed for Wonder Woman 2?

00:51:40 - R.I.P. Adam West

00:56:00 - Catching up on Will's Media

01:04:30 - Fandom (mini)Menaces


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Jun 12, 2017

Will and Rob talk the long overdue cinematic debut of DC Comic's third member of the holy (superhero) trinity. Traveling all the way back to World War 1 in the DC Cinematic Universe, Princess Diana dawns the sword, shield and lasso to protect the world. Does director Patty Jenkins deliver the Amazonian goods? Does the DCEU finally have a "beloved" hit on their hands? Did we see the Invisible Jet!? 

How Great Is: “Wonder Woman"!?



00:00:30 - Intro

00:04:30 - Pre-Movie Thoughts

00:08:00 - Overall Thoughts (Non-Spoilers)

00:15:20 - ACTUAL REVIEW (Spoilers Beware!)

01:26:20 - Blue Ray or Nay? (Final Thoughts)


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Jun 5, 2017

Rob, Will and Nick tackle Theme Park Openings, Ladies Night "controversies" and a whole new (dark) Universe just in time for the upcoming release of The Mummy. 

This Week’s Fandom Menace: The Mummy (1999)



00:02:00 - Guardians of the Galaxy Mission Breakout! (Disneyland Ride Opening)

00:09:00 - "Women's Night" Wonder Woman Screening

00:15:30 - Belated Alien: Covenant Thoughts

00:23:40 - Rob's Tastes!

00:27:15 - Dark Universe (Universal Monsters Universe)

00:45:30 - The Fandom Menace


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May 29, 2017

Rob, Will and Nick prep for Wonder Woman by talking female led franchises. Also sending best wishes to some unfortunate entertainment news and lighting the mood by talking about Ghost Nudes. 

This Week’s Fandom Menace: Ghostbusters (2016)



00:01:00 - Will's Ghostly Nude Pics?

00:06:00 - RIP Roger Moore & Best Wishes to Zack Snyder

00:15:14 - Nick's Quick Hits!!!

00:18:00 - Star Wars Episode 8 Vanity Fair

00:30:00 - Wonder Woman & Female Led Franchises

00:56:20 - The Fandom Menace


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