"Upside Fans"

They're your Glass Half Full type of fanboys who aim to always look on the Upside! Even when they dabble in the Dark Side, they pride themselves on staying in the light. But mostly...they just talk about geeky stuff they love. Movies, Comics, Games, TV and a bunch of stuff that's not Football, its all here! They also host a segment called "The Fandom Menace," where they take a not so loved property (mostly movies) and find the good in them. As you can imagine...some weeks are harder than others. It's a weekly "geekly" conversation galore that they hope you get a kick out of!
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Mar 8, 2017

After facing masters of magnetism, robot samurais and amnesia bullets, Hugh Jackman is back for one final ride as Wolverine. Does Hugh bring on the berserker rage? Does X-23 steal the show? Does Professor X walk again!*

How Great Is: “Logan”!?

*Spoilers: He does not walk again.



00:00:20 - Intro

00:02:30 - Recap (X-Men/Wolverine Movies)

00:07:30 - Overall Thoughts (Non-Spoilers)

00:17:00 - ACTUAL REVIEW (Spoilers Beware!)

00:52:30 - Blue Ray or Nay? (Final Thoughts)


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Mar 6, 2017

Lots of trailers and news to talk about and the Upside Fans are here to talk about it. Also a breakdown of the hilarious Oscar controversy and a look at R-Rated Comic Book Movies to celebrate Logan.

This Week’s Fandom Menace: 30 Days of Night (2007)



00:03:00 - Movie Trailers!

00:16:00 - Aquaman Test Footage 

00:18:00 - Laika's Travis Knight for Bumblebee?

00:21:50 - Get Out's RT Score & Rotten Tomatoes 

00:24:25 - Post Oscar Talk

00:28:00 - The Best Picture Mix-Up!

00:38:30 - R-Rated Comic Book Movies

01:02:00 - The Fandom Menace


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Feb 27, 2017

Jordan Peele has gifted us with an incredible directorial debut and the Upside Fans are here to talk about it. PLUS, some talk on the Academy Awards and where Genre and Superhero movies fit in the mix.

This Week’s Fandom Menace: Real Steel (2011)



00:03:00 - Matt Reeves Bat on Board!

00:05:30 - Inhumans Casting News 

00:14:20 - Gad vs Ridley Finale

00:20:00 - Han Solo Movie Cast Photo

00:27:00 - GET OUT Review (No Spoilers)

00:37:00 - Academy Awards and "Oscar Movies"

00:53:00 - Rob Guesses the Best Picture Noms

01:00:00 - The Fandom Menace


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Feb 20, 2017

The Upside Fans are celebrating their One Year Anniversary of Podcasting! They celebrate by talking Star Wars and Batman (what else is new) and a special highlight on a years worth of Fandom Menaces.

This Week’s Fandom Menace: Planet of the Apes (2001)



00:00:10 - Celebrating 1 Year of The Upside Fans

00:06:30 - Star Wars Box Art and Other News 

00:13:40 - Batman Director Updates

00:19:00 - Mel Gibson Directing Suicide Squad 2?

00:23:30 - The Upside Fans' Top 5 "Fandom Menaces"

00:48:00 - The Fandom Menace

01:12:00 - ANNOUNCEMENTS! 


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Feb 17, 2017

He's thinking he's back and the Upside Fans couldn't be more pumped. Its time to step back into the world of assassins and Gun-Fu in the follow up to 2014's surprise hit, following the Boogeyman himself on a rampage of badass vengeance. Now its time for John Wick to pick up his gun again in one last job. Rouge for John, awesome for us!

How Great Is: “John Wick Chapter 2”!?



00:00:20 - Intro

00:05:00 - Recap (John Wick 2014)

00:09:00 - Overall Thoughts (Non-Spoilers)

00:18:00 - ACTUAL REVIEW (Spoilers Beware!)

01:02:00 - Looking Forward

01:12:00 - Blue Ray or Nay? (Final Thoughts)


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Feb 13, 2017

Its Valentine's Day we talk about it for a little bit. For the rest we talk about Super Bowl Ads, the continuing chronicles of Josh Gad's antics, and to celebrate the release of The Lego Batman Movie, a segment on movies based off toys. 

This Week’s Fandom Menace: Small Soldiers (1998)



00:01:00 - Happy Valentines Day!

00:08:45 - Super Bowl Movie Ads 

00:16:00 - Will Gets Smacked & Bar Fights 

00:21:00 - The Batman Director Updates!

00:22:45 - Josh Gad Star Wars Shenanigans

00:28:45 - The Lego Batman Movie REVIEW

00:45:15 - Movies Based on Toys 

01:02:00 - The Fandom Menace


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Feb 6, 2017

The Upside Fans return to ramblings about nerd and film stuff. The duo tackle Josh Gad's trickery, the "loss" of Affleck as a director on Batman and, in celebration of the soon to be released sequel, a retrospective on John Wick! Plus some talk of Barney the Dinosaur and Transformer anatomy. Its all here!(?)

This Week’s Fandom Menace: Constantine (2005)



00:00:20 - Rob and Will Decompress

00:06:20 - Will plays Star Wars: Battlefront 

00:11:00 - Josh Gad tricks Daisy Ridley 

00:23:40 - Affleck Exits the Batman

00:40:00 - Revisiting John Wick

00:54:30 - The Fandom Menace


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Jan 30, 2017

The Upside Fans take the time for their most sincere episode talking politics and offering their Upside voices to the social and cultural landscape. Don't worry, nerd stuff too! Plus Bane Voices!

This Week’s Fandom Menace: The Dark Knight Rises (2012)



00:00:17 - Ramblings

00:04:30 - Thanks to our listeners! 

00:08:00 - Black Panther Official Cast Announcement! 

00:14:40 - Star Wars Episode 8 Title Reveal

00:25:45 - R.I.P. Mary Tyler Moore & John Hurt

00:29:00 - The Upside Fans get Political

01:01:40 - The Fandom Menace


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Jan 23, 2017

We've had a month to sit on it and finally the Upside Fans are bringing you their discussion on Rogue One! Lucasfilm takes a year off from the Skywalker Saga to tell the tail of the band of rebels who stole the plans to the Death Star. Does another attempt at a cinematic prequel pay off? Well...lets just say the Upside Fans are having their own Galactic Civil War. So prepare for a long one. Its both praise and rants in this episode.

How Great Is: “Rogue One”!?



00:00:35 - Intro

00:04:00 - Overall Thoughts (Non-Spoilers)

00:09:30 - ACTUAL REVIEW (Spoilers Beware!)

01:40:00 - Blue Ray or Nay? (Final Thoughts)


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Jan 16, 2017

The Upside Fans are back after hyenas (aka hiatus) and are ready to start Season 2 of the podcast! Listen in as the fans shed 2016 and look forward, talking their most anticipated media (Films, TV, Games) of 2017! 


This Week’s Fandom Menace: The Bye Bye Man (2017)



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